Go Gaga or Go Home


Why yes, internet, that is a picture of me breaking my “no leggings as pants” rule for one night only. Only for Gaga, of course. In my defense, they were super comfortable, and there is NO BETTER TIME to experiment with fashion than a Gaga concert.


Friday night I went to the Lady Gaga show at the United Center with my SIL and a couple of her friends.

I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan, and I really only know her singles. But when a free opportunity (another friend dropped out) comes along to parade around in bright pants and sing songs about loving yourself at the top of your lungs–you take it. And you enjoy the heck out of yourself.

That I did.


The show was pure entertainment from start to finish, and she even performed a beautiful acoustic version of “Born This Way”. Girl can sing!


ladygagaThe outfits….oh my, the outfits. They were incredible! Anyone who can wear a headdress like this and make it look bad ass is okay in my book.