Na Zdraví

(Sidenote: the post title means “cheers” in Czech and was one of the few words besides “please” and “thank you” I was able to pick up during our time in Prague)

I’ve been a bad blogger. Though I just arrived back home in Chicago, I’m  going to retroactively cover the highlights from the rest of my trip.

The architecture in Prague is unreal. Ornate details drip over every single inch of this city—from the St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge to manhole covers and street lamps.

Walking along the Charles Bridge on our first night in Prague.

Old Town Square

The astronomical clock. It’s one of the oldest clock towers in the world, dating back to the 15th century, but you can’t use it to tell time—it’s an astronomical clock, so it shows the locations of the sun, moon, and many zodiac constellations. Interesting tidbit: this is actually the second astronomical clock I’ve visited. I saw one, also dating back to the 15th century, in the Lund Cathedral in Lund, Sweden during another trip to Europe in March 2010.

Prague is all about the details: the sidewalk mosaics and manhole covers.

Entrance to the Jewish Cemetery

View of the Prague Castle and Lesser Town from the Charles Bridge.

View of the Charles Bridge from the other side of the Vlatva river, taken during our bike tour.

“Dancing House” designed by architect, Frank Gehry. The building is also nicknamed “Fred and Ginger” for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers because it’s said to look like a man and woman dancing.

Franz Kafka Museum


David Cerny sculpture outside the Franz Kafka Museum

The “John Lennon” wall