Weekly Bibliography: 7.25.14

paint brushes

Happy Friday everyone! What are you up to this weekend? We’re decorating our condo, and I’ve got a lot of painting ahead! Excited for the results, though.

Here’s a peek at what caught my attention this week:

This post from Kendi Everyday has me seriously craving some tiny bags. They’re everywhere! And so much more convenient for traipsing around the city.

11 common words you’re probably mispronouncing. I’m definitely guilty of “kibosh.”

24 amazing watermelon carvings. I think #5 and #23 are my favorites!

Why does bacon smell so good? As if bacon needed another reason to be cool.

My Life with Piper: From Big House to Small Screen by Larry Bloom, for Medium. Fascinating read, especially for all your Orange is the New Black fans!

14 tattoos dedicated to snack foods. The Skittles one….haha!