A Lovely Thanksgiving

Have you recovered yet from Turkey Fest 2k13? Nope, me neither. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Here are some snapshots from my weekend.

Keith and I drove up to the upper peninsula of Michigan on Wednesday afternoon. Keith’s parents own a cabin near Rapid River, MI with a few of their friends (sort of like a self-organized timeshare) and we spent the holiday there with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law.

The cabin is fairly remote. We only had a couple TV channels, no internet, or cell service. There was lots of reading, chatting, and listening to Christmas music happening. It was really nice to be forced to unplug for a few days.

cabin interior

The interior of the cabin is cozy and rustic–just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing winter weekend!

Keith and I just before dinner

Keith and I just before Thanksgiving dinner.

snowy woods

I got to enjoy my first white Thanksgiving.

snow covered trees

It was truly a winter wonderland. That tiny spot of orange is Keith wearing his “hunter’s orange” hat.

Keith walking through snow

We went on a Christmas tree hunting excursion on Saturday.