Are you there, blog? It’s me, Debbie.


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Yes, that was a Judy Blume reference. Thank you for noticing.

I admit it. I’m waaaayyyy behind in my blogging. Like ridiculously behind. Like “has it seriously been almost 6 months?” behind. In my defense, I have a lot going on:

  • We’re neck deep into wedding planning! April 12th, here we come.
  • We bought and moved into our first condo! From Roscoe Village to Andersonville.
  • I’m taking an advanced fiction workshop this quarter, and loving it!
  • I’m plugging away at my first novel, which I began last year. AND working on a couple short stories.
  • I’m taking on some personal design projects.

While these are very positive developments, it has contributed to an adult-level anxiety that I was not prepared for. Time to put on my “grown-up pants.”  More details to come soon on all of these developments.

This blog is important to me, so this period of standing still stops today. One post at a time. One task at a time. One step at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!