My summer 2014 bucket list

summer bucket list

Ok, so I’ve officially hit that panic time during the summer where you start questioning how you spent your days and wondering where the summer went, and blaming yourself for not doing this or that…otherwise known as August.

I made a list of 5 things I’d like to do with the rest of this beautiful summer season. Why? Accountability, people. Put it out there on the internet, and watch it actually happen.

You should know that I had originally planned on 10 things to do this summer, but then quickly realized that was wayyyy too ambitious. I have a tendency to do that, create an impossible to complete list then get mad at myself for not finishing it. I’m slowly breaking that, though!

Here it goes:

1. See a movie outdoors 

The Chicago Parks District puts on free movies in the park, and tons of people come out with blankets and picnic fare. It’s a good time for sure.

2. Make popsicles 

I bought a popsicle mold a year or so ago and have used it, oh, one time. Let’s change that. I’ve been seeing amazing looking popsicle recipes all over Pinterest. I think I’ll try this one, or this one, or maybe both!

3. Spend an entire day at the beach

I’ve taken Sadie on several trips to the dog beach this year, but have yet to spend more than an hour there. Time to get my tan on (with SPF of course!). I’m picturing a peaceful afternoon, sans puppy, lost in a book along the lakefront.

4. Grill fruit

We’ve been grilling everything in site this summer, from chicken to pizza to tomatoes, but we haven’t yet tried grilling fruit. I’m just imagining how delicious caramelized, grilled peaches will taste with some vanilla bean ice cream. Can’t wait to try it!

5. Try stand up paddle boarding

SUP is everywhere now, and I’ve been wanting to get on board (pun intended). This could turn out to be a disaster; I’m picturing a lot of falling in my future. I’ve heard it’s a great workout, and what an awesome way to enjoy Chicago’s gorgeous lakefront skyline.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration of activities to make the most of your summer! Anyone else have a summer bucket list going? If so, what’s on it?

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