Weekly Bibliography: 8.8.14


Happy Friday everyone! What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting? I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing…absolutely nothing! Keith’s out of town for a bachelor party this weekend and my introvert self is looking forward to some good old fashion alone time. With a book. And maybe a bike ride or two.

Here’s what struck my fancy this week:

I’m taking another workshop with the folks at Girl Develop It Chicago tomorrow, and I’m really excited!

Storytelling is hard…even for computers.

This recipe seems like a lot of effort, especially for ice cubes, but gosh how cool would this be for a tropical-themed party!

Philosophy podcasts organized into easily digestible chunks. Awesome sauce.

Some artists dos and don’ts.

Apple had a clothing line!? So glad someone pointed this out to me.

Chris Pratt is officially the shit.