Oh my, modern macrame

macrame wall hangings

Macrame is back, y’all. Time to break out the fondue pots, shag rugs, and burnt orange fabric.

While it is making a comeback, there seems to be a more modern approach to it this time, a bit more streamlined and restrained, and quite frankly, I’m digging it.

I’ve been looking for a way to had more texture and dimensionality to our walls, particularly in the bedroom, and I think something like this could be a good option. A cream-colored piece with a clean pattern and minimal beading would contrast nicely against our dark, purple-ish grey walls.

I’ve seen a few DIY tutorials floating around Pinterest, and I’m half tempted to try it out, but they seem¬†way beyond the scope of my occasional DIY tendencies. I think I may go the artisan route with this one.

Has anyone DIY’d something like this? Or something similar? I’d love to hear suggestions.

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